Join The Connection Field

A Heart-Centered Social Network

Multi-Organizational Collaboration

The Connection Field is a vibrant community dedicated to the power of Coherence, Unity, and Collaboration to bring about significant change and positive impact, individually and globally.

What We Do

We are a collective of individuals and organizations who are committed to:
Coherence: Guiding our decisions with the power of the heart.
Collaboration: Bringing together diverse voices and talents to achieve greater impact.
Purpose-Driven Action: Acting intentionally for the good of the Whole.

Why Join?

The Connection Field is your unique space to connect, learn, and grow in a supportive environment. Here, every member contributes to a greater cause—transforming how we interact with one another and the planet.
Cultivate Heart-Coherence In Everyday Life: Structure and align your thoughts, words, and actions with your heart.
Connect Deeply: Build genuine relationships based on mutual respect and shared goals.
Collaborate, Learn and Grow: Participate in live community events and innovative programming to integrate new insights into your life.


Become Part of the Community

It's time to join together in heart-centered coherence and contribute our presence and unique gifts for the good of the whole.  

This collaborative heart-centered social network is a playspace and prototype hosted by a Multi-Organizational Core of Good of the Whole, Unify, Global Coherence Pulse, HeartMath Institute, and Purpose Earth. 

We invite you to join us in this grand experiment.